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Mix Delivery is based on when your choreography is ready, your competition schedule and FULL OUT Producer availability.  


3 weeks prior to your Delivery Day, ALL of the following are due (no exceptions) so we can plan your mix and write/order any custom vocals:

The week immediately prior to your Delivery Day is considered MIXING WEEK.  This is when we'll layout all music, place vocals and sound effects, complete remaining architecture, process the final file render and create your license.  Delivery is the very next Monday!

PAYMENT:  Your Delivery Date is officially booked when the invoice is sent.  If sending a physical check, please account for mail delivery to ensure you hit your due dates!  If you have booked a dance cut, full payment will be due 2 weeks prior to that Delivery. 

RUSH My Music: (1 week) +$300, Inquire for availability

More info about payment and other FAQs can be found HERE!