Fill and Submit 8ct Sheets

**Be sure to save the 8ct sheets to your computer before editing rather than filling them out in an internet window so that they save correctly.

Ways to submit:

**TIP:  Photos of 8ct Sheets on your phone can be converted to PDF with the app GENIUS SCAN.  
(Please minimize dead space & take in good lighting for best results)

Have a video?


Please record the full routine to an 8count mp3.  This track enable us to pair your video with our mix building software.  We will not be able to use your video if it is not performed to a track.  

Ways to submit:

  • (free)
  • Coaches Eye
  • Email

These 3 methods allow FULL OUT to download and save the video file.  For this reason, YouTube links will not be accepted.

**Please only send 1 file.  Routines broken into multiple files cannot be used.

How many 8cts should I have?